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A beautiful Saturday morning on my way to the beach I receive an unexpected phone call from one of my friends.
He was so excited as he had to tell me a very interesting and funny story.
He was telling me how he was always going to get a coffee from a café down the street from where he lives and how one morning he found out about another place where the coffee in his opinion was much better.

He said that he started going there all the time now and it was almost a month that he had been drinking this beautiful premium coffee.
His curiosity led him to ask the owner of the shop which coffee beans they were serving now and surprisingly he realized that he was actually drinking Pellini coffee.
He couldn’t resist so he called me straight away, telling me about what had just happened and how funny he found this.

“I know Pellini Coffee from my time in Europe and it's highly regarded as top quality coffee in Italy. I was happy that I found it in my own backyard at Centennial Parklands Cafe!

I make a special trip there every morning on my way to work. Pellini coffee has a rich deep earthiness to it with a strong flavour and smooth finish. With the right barista it is perfect coffee! I highly recommend it.”

Matthew Reede

Thanks Matt for the beautiful words and we are proud to nominate you as our official Aussie Pellini Ambassador.

We really appreciate the support of our customers and we work hard to offer a premium quality coffee (beans, ground and capsules compatible with Nespresso machines).

We are fairly new to the Aussie territory, but you can now shop the Pellini coffee online at

You can also find Pellini coffee at the following location:

Centennial Park Deli
14 Birrell St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Darling Gelato
418 Darling St
Balmain NSW 2041

The Wicked Gypsy
Mobile cart around
Mandurah WA 6210
Ilaria Pellini

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